• Potato peeling machine

Potato peeling machine

Application:Wash and peel potatoes
Description:Unique Machinery produce a continuous type big capacity potato peeling machine for peel potato, carrot, cassava and many other similar vegetables.

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1. Food grade 304 stainless steel.

2.Spraying nozzles on upside of peeling drum to clean vegetables.

3. Equipped with food grade hard nylon brush to polish the surface of vegetables.

4. Optional abrasive roller is available. Special for improving peeling speed or peeling thick-skinned vegetables, such like cassava.

5. Adjustable speed auger/screw in the peeling drum to push vegetables move forward.

6. Filter screen to collect waste impurity after peeling and drain water separately.

7. Fast change design for brush roller.

8. Big size bearing prolong using time.


Dimension:3450*1280*1900 mm


Brush rollers: 9 pieces 2500 mm length

Abrasive rollers: available if need

Water consumption: 0.7 CBM/H

Net weight: 1040 kg

Gross weight: 1300 kg