• Crate washing machine

Crate washing machine

Application:crate washing machine
Description:Zibo unique machinery produce plastic crate washing machine which save much labour cost for food processing factory.

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1. The overall equipment adopts modular assembly, which is convenient for disassembly, maintenance and cleaning.
2. Pre-cleaning, main cleaning, rinsing section, water purification spray.
3. Food grade stainless steel running chain, double track running.
4. The pre-cleaning adopts stainless steel fan-shaped nozzles, and the bottom nozzle is swinging for cleaning, which has better effect.
5. The main cleaning adopts omnidirectional vertical cleaning nozzle, which has high pressure and good cleaning effect.
6. The stainless steel pipe connection adopts a flexible connection joint, which is convenient for disassembly.
7. The liquid level and water temperature of the water tank are automatically controlled, and the ratio of cold and hot water to the set temperature of 82 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Celsius is achieved through the solenoid valve according to the design water temperature, so as to minimize the energy consumption.
8. With steam silencer system.
9. Three-stage filtration system enhances cleanliness and reduces water tank stains.
10. Intelligent visual operation on the touch screen makes the cleaning effect more intuitive.


Dimension:4800*1700*1600 mm

Power:14.57 kw