• Boots and hands washing machine

Boots and hands washing machine

Description:Boots and hands washing machine is for cleaning boots and washing hand to guarantee personal hygiene in fruit and vegetable or meat processing factory.

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1. Power: 2.7 kw. Motor is from Japan Sumitomo. Sensor is from Germany Sick.

2. Function: Hand washing- Hand drying- Hand disinfecting- Boots upper cleaning- Sole cleaning- Sole disinfecting- Access control system

3. Channel type: Guardrails on both sides. Double brush rollers (Φ200*980).

4. Three vertical boot upper brush rollers (Φ200*300).

5. Automatic operation, adjust the concentration of hair roller cleaning liquid proportionally, and the proportional control is selected through the panel.

6.Automatically sense hands, spray hand sanitizer and water to wash hands, spray hand sanitizer to disinfect.

7. Equipped with access control system. Separate pedals on both sides (300 mm*2)


Dimension: 2570*1190*1630 mm

Power: 2.7 kw

Net weight: 410 kg