• Spiral washing machine

Spiral washing machine

Application:Wash fresh cut vegetables
Description:Salad washing machine has spiral water flow washing tank to improving washing effect and vibrator to remove surface water.

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The Salad washer is suitable for washing all kinds of leafy vegetables that float in water. For example, lettuce, romaine, baby spinach, mixed leafy vegetables, or leafy greens. The washer can be equipped with various options, making it fully customizable.

1.Washing tank, spraying nozzles and vibration outfeed combined together.Wash, rinse and drain in one machine.

2.Up and down rolling cages collect worms and impurity.

3.Washing system permits the product to pass through the washing tank along an adjustable water spiral, which means a distance of approximately four times the length of the wash tank itself.

4.Heavy dirt particles (like small stones) and sand are removed from the product flow and settled separately in the sand trap, at the bottom of the wash tank. Thus we avoid the sand particles to return to the product flow.


Dimension: 3020*1710*1620; 4020*1710*1620; 5020*1710*1620 mm

Power: 3.2kw; 4.26kw; 8.41kw

Water consumption:0.8-1T/H

NW: 610 KG

GW:940 KG